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A bachelor degree completion plan for people with experience
  in occupational and technical areas or graduates of applied associate degrees and certificates.
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Is the BAAS for you?
  • Do you have an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree from an
accredited college or technical school?
• Do you have technical hours/training from an accredited college,
technical school, job, or the military, but didn’t get a degree?
  If you answered yes to any of these questions,
  then the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences may be for you!
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The admissions process can be completed
  and most of the programs are fully online!

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Application for adminssion
  Complete an application for
  admissions to UTB/TSC by mail or online and request official college transcripts to be sent to the Admissions Office.
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Advisor: Michelle Solis

Your advisor is available to assist you with any questions. She is located at the ITEC Center in Room C208

Phone:(956) 882-4195


Available Tracks
  The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) degree is for
  students with vocational/technical education and/or training from accredited schools, colleges, institutes, service schools or equivalent entities. The B.A.A.S. is an inverted degree program building on occupational/ technical courses (for the BAAS-APT) or programs (for the BAAS-ID). A “General Education Core”, a “BAAS track” and upper-level electives complete the program. AAS degrees and Certifications usually include occupational or technical elements (that are not
transferable into conventional academic baccalaureate degrees) and...
  Applied Business Technlogy
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